[PowerPoint updated 2024]

This is a liturgy we used at the beginning of Youthwork the conference. It is a leader/response format, and the themes are taken from the opening of John's gospel and and a couple of other sayings of Jesus. It would work towards the beginning of a meeting.

Leader: In the beginning was the Word. Spoken. Creating the world.
All: Jesus; you are the Word of God.

Leader: The Word gives life. That life is light.
All: Jesus; the darkness cannot put out your light.

Leader: At the beginning of our time: Speak. Shake our worlds.
All: Jesus; we're hungry for your words of life.

Leader: We cannot live by food alone,
All: we wait on the words that come from the mouth of God.

Leader: The Word became flesh and blood
All: and moved in to our neighbourhood.

Leader: It's time for us to put flesh on your word
All: That we might be your hands and feet, in our homes, jobs and streets.

Leader: We will worship the Lord and serve him only.
All: We will let our light shine in the darkness:

Leader: That the world might see, and be transformed
All: And praise our Father in heaven. Amen.

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