This is a really fun way of enagaging all ages with the deep truths of John 1. It could be used at all kinds of Christmas services, or whenever you are thinking about the incarnation.

Begin by inviting everyone to repeat the actions and words performed by Reader 1.

Reader 1 (Puts index finger to lip and then moves it forward and shouts) "Word!"

Reader 2 The Word was there, in the beginning.
The Word was there, with God.
The Word WAS God.
And the Word was there, in the beginning, with God.

Reader 1 (Draws giant circle with arms and shouts) "Everything!"

Reader 2 Everything was made by the Word. Everything, without exception.

Reader 1 (Hammer fist on heart and shout) "Life!"

Reader 2 Life was in the Word. And that life brought light to everyone.

Reader 1 (Make fist with each hand and then open hands wide and shout) "Light!"

Reader 2 The light shines in the darkness. And the darkness can't defeat it...

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