This poem is based on the great truth that we are one in Christ, which supercedes all human divisions. You could adapt it for particular issues in your context.

Extract from the poem:

Jesus is the one who draws us together, the source of our being,
the source of all life,
our inspiration and the one that matters.

He leads us into this new life,
a land where all are equal and there are no divisions.
Whether Jew or a Gentile,
male or female,
circumcised or uncircumcised,
civilized or uncivilized,
slave or free -
Christ the king unites us and breaks down our human barriers.

For he is all that matters, and he lives in each of us.
Whether we are
rich or poor,
fainthearted or fierce,
lively or quiet,
introverts or extroverts,
unemployed or working,
married or single,
old or young...

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