This is a terrific reflection on the humanity and obedience of Jesus. It helps us see how he understands our very ordinary, everyday issues, and how his death and resurrection makes a difference to us now. It is told from the perspective of a builder, but you could easily adapt this to fit your situation and the actor you have available.

Extract from the script:

Person walks in wearing overalls, or a high-vis and hardhat, and holding a toolkit. They sit down, place the toolkit next to them and riffle through to find a particular tool. 

They find it but then out of nowhere they sneeze.

Do you think Jesus sneezed?

It’s a question I often ask myself. Creator of the universe; fully God putting aside his glory to become fully human and what do all humans do? Sneeze! So he must have.

I mean, we know he cried. Shortest verse in the Bible: Jesus wept. That’s another thing that unites us, isn’t it? Whether you’re a Duke or dustbin man - everyone sheds a tear once in a while.

And he ate and drank, so the logical conclusion would be that there was another human bodily function that he must have performed. But maybe we won’t go into that just before our Sunday lunch…

He sneezed, he wept, he ate and, well, he even slept!

So why do I sometimes think that God doesn’t understand what I’m going through at all?


When work’s hard, I’m feeling underpaid and overworked. When friends are flaky and it feels like I haven’t seen them in months.

When rent is high but the quality of my house is low. When the kids are being difficult and it feels like I have nowhere to go...

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