Teach the following responses and invite the congregation to join in when they hear each key word mentioned in the story. You could get a group of volunteers to lead the responses out front if desired.

Talking – All say - ‘Chatter chatter chatter’.Laughed/Laughing - All laugh. 

House – Make roof shape with hands. Ill - Hold stomach in pain. 

Crying – All wipe eyes. Alive – All say ‘Wow!’ Eyes - Blink twice, eyes wide.

Extract from the script:

Once, when Jesus was walking along talking and laughing with his disciples, a man came up to him and begged him to come to his house and help his little girl. She was very ill and no-one could help her - not even the doctors. So Jesus went with the man, but as they got nearer to his house the man was told that his little girl was dead, and it was no use bringing Jesus to see her. Jesus told the man not to worry - he said: "Don't worry, she will be alright."

This seemed a strange thing to say, but they carried on into the house. Inside everyone was talking and crying, but Jesus said to them all, "Don't be crying, she's not dead, she is only asleep.”

Some of them laughed at this, because they knew that she had been ill and they had even seen her die. Jesus went into her bedroom and saw the little girl lying very still on the bed. Her eyes were closed and she wasn't breathing at all, but Jesus took her hand and said to her, "Get up!"...

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