This is a powerful re-telling of the resurrection encounters in John's gospel. The added "Jesus is alive" interaction with the crowd makes it idea for all ages.

Extract from the script:

Telling tips - point to the congregation and have them say/shout the "Jesus is alive!" line when it appears.

Jesus is alive.
It's evening, the first day of the week, and the disciples are together, behind locked doors; still in fear of the Jewish leaders.
Jesus is alive.
And they know it, because, suddenly, there he is standing among them! "Shalom," he says.
Just an ordinary greeting.
But there's nothing ordinary about this moment, as he shows them his hands and his side.
The disciples are overjoyed.
Jesus is alive.
"Shalom," he says again. "Peace be with you."
And then he gives them a job. "My Father sent me," he says. "Now I am sending you."
And he gives them what they need for the job,
by breathing on them.
"Receive the Holy Spirit," he says. "What you forgive is forgiven; What you don't forgive is not." And then he goes...

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