This is a retelling of the story of Jacob dreaming about the ladder to heaven.

Extract from the story:

So Jacob ran. From Beer-sheba. And from his brother. And from the consequences of his deceit.
And when the sun set, he propped his head upon a pillow stone and fell asleep. And as he slept, he dreamed.

He saw a ladder. A ladder stretched from earth to heaven. And on the ladder, angels climbed up and angels climbed down. Ascending and descending, like a parade of heavenly window cleaners.

And then there was God.

"The God of your fathers." That's what he said. "The God of Abraham and the God of Isaac."
And instead of shaming him or punishing him, God made Jacob a promise.

"The land you lie on? This land will, one day, be your land. My gift to you and to your children.
And the dust? The dust that clings to your sandals? Your children will be like that dust. And they will spread to the west and to the east and to the north and to the south. And the whole world will be blessed by them.

So know this - I will be with you, wherever you go. And I will bring you back to this place, no matter how far you travel. And I will not leave you, until my promise to you comes true."...

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