This is a fun and interactive reading of the text in Genesis 25:19-34, of the birth of Jacob and Esau, and Esua swapping his birthright for a bown of stew. Because it follows the lectionary reading it does not complete the story. You will need to unpack the story in a talk or some other way, and/or explain that it remains "to be continued".

Divide your group into two groups - one for Esau and one for Jacob. (You could also choose two people, ahead of time, to act out the roles.) Lead them in following the instructions in the text below.

Extract from the script:

Isaac, Abraham's son, married Rebekah when he was forty years old. For twenty years, they tried, without success, to have children.

Isaac prayed for his wife, and finally, she became pregnant. With twins!

It was not an easy pregnancy, though. The babies struggled within her.

(Esau and Jacob wave fists and make angry noises at each other.)

This was so painful that she wanted to die. So she went to the Lord and asked for his help.

"There are two nations in your womb," God told Rebekah. "And two divided nations, at that. One will be stronger than the other. And the older shall serve the younger."

(Esau and Jacob wave fists and shout again.)

When she finally gave birth, Esau came out first. He was red and hairy.

(Esau raise fist in air and shouts - "Red and Hairy. Yeah!")

And Jacob was born second, with his hand on Esau's heel.

(Jacob holds up one shoe by the heel and shouts, "Gotcha!" Might need to ask this group to take off one shoe before the story begins)

When the boys grew up, they couldn't have been more different...

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