This is a fantastic call-and-response style liturgy to encourage people to bring all they are to worship. It is based on Jesus' challenge to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind and strength in contemporary language. Sam had three thousand people shouting it at the top of their lungs in the Spring Harvest Big Top, but it would work just as well in a small gathering. The leader does the bits in normal type and the congregation the bits in bold (obviously...)


Come to worship! Come and give God all you are!
Put your hearts into it:
make up your minds to give him the best.
With all our hearts we worship.

Open up your souls and spirits:
let his Spirit move you and touch you.
With all our souls we worship.

Don't switch off your brains:
worship thoughtfully and intelligently.
With all our minds we worship.

Put your back into it:
never tire of exalting God and showing others you mean it.
With all our strength we worship.

All creation praises God,
everything I am comes to give him the best I can.

(C) John Leach/