The aim of this poem is to reflect on motives using metaphors around a 'heartbeat', where, for what and for whom does a heart beat; both ours and then God's. Also, we want to create space in our times of corporate worship; time to listen and be still, hear as well as respond.

First - download the poem and have a read (what follows will make more sense). Also, you can download an mp3 of this being used at church.

Before people arrived we stuck some heart shaped (pink!) post-its on the back of every chair (Ryman's or Staples) as well as scattering a number of pens on each row.

Before the poem was read out people were invited to be still, perhaps close their eyes and try and focus on their heartbeat.

The poem was read out and we prompted the church to write a response on the heart post-it after each section (this is indicated on the poem/script)

Each pause was about 2 minutes long (no reason why this shouldn't be longer).

A heartbeat sound effect was introduced at the appropriate time (as indicated on the poem/script) through the church P.A. (there are free heart beat sound effects widely available on the Internet).

The effect was then looped to create a 5-minute mp3 loop. We used 'Logic Pro' to create the loop but you could also use something like 'Cubase' or Apple's 'Garageband'.

We put up a PowerPoint of the poem so that people could read as well as hear.

At the end we encouraged people to take their responses home and continue to reflect on what they had heard and continue to listen to the core.