This idea is to use an auction of gifts and skills to raise money for your church community or project, all within the context of the worship service. What follows is the write up that was produced to promote the idea to our church family - hopefully this should explain what we're going to do:

Harvest traditionally is a festival that helps us focus our worship in a number of ways; expressing thanks for what we have, and in turn our adoration is transformed into action by thinking of those who might appreciate support and prayer.

So on the 17th Oct our Sunday celebration will include and number of elements that will enable you to express worship through song, prayer, some well-chosen words and something a little bit different.

For most of us we no longer use our God-given skills to directly gather what we need from the ground to sustain us through life; but let's give thanks to God for the talents we have and how they provide for our needs. By way of saying thank you we'd like to hold an auction of skills to raise money for one of the projects that [YOUR CHURCH] supports: ......

Could you sell a talent: service someone's computer, mow a lawn, go shopping, paint a picture, eBay some stuff for someone, cook a meal, baby sit, walk a dog, give a lesson, a manicure, clean a care or take somebody somewhere nice??

Fill out the form and place this card in the offering basket between now and Sunday 3rd Oct (2 weeks before the auction). We will compile a list of jobs / talents offered with a lot number and reserve if appropriate. On the day, bring an object that will represent your talent - this will be on display for people to browse before the auction begins and perhaps inspire them to bid.

This copy has been set out on a postcard. Below a simple form has been set to include name, phone number, email, description of job / talent, and reserve price (if appropriate). On the reverse side of the card we set the following image:

Underneath the strap line reads "Prise Open Your Potential". You may found the image useful (log in to download it above) or find one of your own?

We plan to have an area in our worship space to display the objects that will represent gifts / jobs offered. We are actively encouraging all ages to get involved and thus we'll be together for the whole service time. The auction will take place in the middle of our corporate worship time with elements of sung worship etc around it (haven't sorted these bits yet so any ideas will be very welcome!).