This is a poetic and fun expansion of the passage from Isaiah 11 which says "the wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat..." and so on. It also picks up on some themes from Revelation 21. You could easily make it more interactive by inventing some actions, or inviting people to come up the front and represent the different animals and actions.

This poem is an adapted version of one from Dave's Big Bright Rhyming Bible, which you can get hold of through his website.

Extract from the poem:

One day the world will be full of joy,
a love that no-one can destroy.
No more tears, or death or pain,
things will never be sad again.

Everybody will live together,
the earth renewed - with no bad weather.
We'll all have fun and live in peace,
the gibbon will groove with the gnu and the geese,

The little lamb will lie down with the lion...
the panther play ping pong with the porcupi-on,
the tigers will tickle the tortoise's tum,
the tarantulas and turkeys will triple jump,

The wombats will play Wii with the wallabies,
the brown bears will boogie with the birds and bees,
the goats will get down with the great gorillas,
the platypus will party with the pigs and piranhas,

A shoal of sharks will shimmy with the sheep,
the hyenas hoopla with the hamsters in a heap,
the vultures and the voles will go va-voom,
and the cows will cook the cockroaches soon...
Oh no, sorry!
The cows won't cook the cockroaches; they'll cook with the cockroaches!
What a feast they'll make!...

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