This idea is taken from our Worship In The Wilderness: Church Service PackIt combines an accessible version of lament with physical movement. There is a PowerPoint slide you can use, but the response is so short you probably don't need it.

Ask the congregation to share with a few people around them the things which make them sad. Then get feedback from the discussion. You can write the words down on a white board, or have someone type them up onto a projection screen. Explain briefly that God cares about the things which make us sad - his heart breaks when he sees broken situations in the world. Psalm 55:22 tells us to give our burdens to God because he cares for us. [You could tie in from the stories in Genesis 16 and 21 that God is described as both seeing Hagar and hearing her son's cries.]

Teach the following response:

[Leader:] God, you know we feel sad about _________.
[All:] You see our sorrows, [point to eye with finger, then run finger down face like a tear]
you hear our cries, [cup ear with one hand]
we lift our burdens to you. [two hands with palms up, lift up to God]

Then use the prayer, filling the blank with the things which were shared. If there are a lot, you can mention more than one in each gap.