This poem was written as an introduction to singing the song 'Everlasting God' by Vicky Beeching, to get people thinking about God being unchanging in a transitory world. The contemporary images on the PowerPoint make it useful in an outreach or youth setting. It could be just used for reflection, or flowing into a song which speaks of God's faithfulness.

Fashions fade,
favourites are erased,
A-listers evaporate;
God stays the same.

Machines rust,
innovation turns to dust,
computers crash;
God stays the same.

Politicians U-turn,
new solutions crash and burn,
headlines become yesterdays news:
God stays the same.

Friends forget,
lovers cause regret,
families fail;
God stays the same.

Who was?
Who is?
Who is to come?
Jesus stays the same.


(c) Sam Hargreaves/