This is designed for a church service or youth group setting and can be adapted to suit an adult only or all age congregation. It could also be done in the open air at a church weekend away etc. It will require about an hour's preparation beforehand.

It is based upon a church 'Creative Space' session my husband and I ran about making decisions in life (and is aimed particularly at those who get paralysed with worry about making the wrong choices!)
Main Activity:

1. Write clues for four separate 'treasure hunts' to be placed around your church. Try not to make them too easy or too difficult. Make sure the last clue for each of the treasure hunts will lead people to the cross/altar at the front of the church.

NB it might be useful to print the clues for the four separate treasure hunts on different coloured paper to avoid confusion when the hunt is on. The reason for having four separate treasure hunts is so that everyone is not stampeding round together and to illustrate the point that we might all follow different paths in life but God is on each of them and all paths lead to him.

2. Place the clues around the church before the service starts (making sure you keep back the first clue for each team).

3. During the service divide the congregation into teams of about six (ideally mixed age). Give each team their first clue and a ball of wool. Ask them to tie the wool to their start point and then leave a trail of the route they follow to complete the treasure hunt.

4. Everyone should hopefully complete the treasure hunt by ending up at the front of the church. If this is an all-age service this is probably the point at which to give everyone on the winning team the obligatory chocolate prize!
5. Explain that the treasure hunt illustrates the different paths we all follow in life (ask people to turn around and look at the different coloured wool trails around the church. Remind people that each team had to make decisions about where they would look for the treasure hunt clues. Ask teams if any of them went off in completely the wrong direction! Explain that each of the treasure hunts ultimately led to the front of the church, just as each path we take ultimately leads to God if we have given our lives to Christ, and God is with us all the way - so we don't need to agonise about making a wrong decision in life.
6. Read out the following quote (which could also be nicely presented on powerpoint or printed out to give out to people):
Yes, there are forks in the road. There are choices to be made, and some choices are much better than others. But here is the good news: God is down every road. God owns all the roads.
(Dave Tomlinson, I Shall Not Want: Spiritual Wisdom from the Twenty-Third Psalm, SPCK, 2006)

7. Ask the congregation to spend a few minutes reflecting on Dave Tomlinson's quote before collectively reading out loud Psalm 121 or Psalm 23.

8. If this is an adult service you could use the reflection time to get people to write and pray about decisions they are trying to make at the moment.