Our tradition of making New Year's resolutions can be a useful tool to help us with all kinds of things in our lives. Why not harness that desire for 'newness' with this activity as part of a service in January, and lead people towards 'newness' for God's glory this year.

Set two tables (or lines of tables, depending on what size group you're catering for) opposite to each other. On one table, place the 1st instruction sheet along with pens, paper and bins. On the other table place the 2nd instruction sheet together with the bookmarks (preferably print these out on card) and pens. The tables need to be set in such a way so that as people write down their 'things to leave behind' they have their back on the the table with the bookmarks on. They will therefore 'turn their backs' on the things they wish to leave behind in a symbolic act as they move to the second table.

Alternative ending: If your premises allow you may like to put all the pieces of paper into a large metal dustbin and burn them in a safe place that people will see as they leave.

NOTE: the bookmarks have now been edited so that they will work any year!