The idea is to make individually crafted 3D style glasses with coloured lenses. The big point is that through Jesus everything looks different (just like looking through coloured lenses).

It might help to look at the power point at this point to see where this is going!

Like us, you might need some help from your teaching team to help you expand the point. We used this activity to help us create something together during our Easter service, but this is a broad enough theme to work anytime. I'm always really keen to get the whole community interacting together whenever we can, so we decided to set up our meeting space café style.

Lay the resources out on each table; when you want the activity to begin show the instructions power point once through and leave it on a loop so that people can refer to it whilst creating their masterpieces.

Do post comments if any of this is unclear!

NB: Print the templates on 300gsm card or there abouts.