We're pleased to share with you this great song for use with a children's choir. It's written by talented song writer Susanna Parkes (you may know her husband AdAM from this site), and is a sample from a whole CD's worth of brilliant songs to use at Christmas time.

This year I decided to put together a children's choir for our carol service for the first time, and tried to hunt down some quality original pieces to teach the children. I found this surprisingly hard, as I wanted something that was written with children in mind, made the most of their voices, but wasn't too hard. The Parkes came to my rescue! This particular song is fantastic, as it has a 'round' element to the chorus, giving the children an easy way to sing in harmony. All of the songs on the CD are really singable and I can see myself using these for many years to come.

See a review of the CD here.

Available for download for free here is the MP3 and the sheet music AND newly added - the backing track. Contact AdAM and Susanna to purchase the 10 track CD and the book, which has the sheet music for all the songs, including three violin parts AND a CD with backing tracks and PDFs of the words. Only £20 for both resources!

Happy singing!