This is a fun, interactive dramatised version of the parable of the workers. It illustrates well the challenge of responding to the abundant grace of God.

This piece can be told by one person as a responsive story, where everyone joins in with the responses on the 5 keys words and phrases, ignoring the stage direction in italics.

OR it can be presented by a narrator and a number of actors, one person playing the woman and the rest as the "group", all following the stage directions in italics. In this set-up, everyone on stage can also join in with the key word actions:

Foundation - Stamp feet twice - "Stamp! Stamp!" £200 - "Whooo!" and look impressed

Contract - "Scribble scribble" Any kind of food - Make eating noises

Mistake - Sharp intake of breath and put hand to mouth

Extract from the script:

Once there was a woman who decided to build her own house. She knew nothing about building houses but she thought it couldn't be that difficult, so she bought a nice plot of land and started to dig.

Enter woman, wave hello, snap fingers for idea, scratch head, shrug, check land and dig.

However, she made a big mistake, she built the house very quickly and on a swamp with no foundations. And while she was asleep it collapsed and fell on top of her.

Build quickly, mime bits of swamp, fall asleep.

She woke to find bits of the ceiling in her mouth and the toilet nowhere in sight.

Pick bits out of mouth and spit, then cross legs for loo.

So she decided to try again, this time she bought a bit of land that was good and solid, and this time she decided to get some help.

Check land and snap fingers for an idea.

So she went into the nearby town and found some people sitting around on the bench outside the job centre.

Group were already sitting on stage. The woman sees the group.

"I want some help to build my house," she said.

Woman: "I want some help to build my house."

"I want it done properly with good foundations,"

Woman: "I want it done properly with good foundations,"

"and a nice little fountain in the garden."

Woman: "and a nice little fountain in the garden."

But the people said they were too busy having a rest.

Group: "We're too busy having a rest."

So she scratched her head, had a think and then said, "I'll pay you all £200 if you'll help me."

Woman: "I'll pay you all £200 if you'll help me."

Suddenly - they weren't so busy, and they leapt up, signed a contract and started work on the house.

All look wide eyed. All leap up and sign a contract and shake the woman's hand, dig for a moment, then turn backs to audience.

At coffee time she went into town to buy some doughnuts for everyone and she spotted a large group of people on the bench outside the job centre.

Group turn to face audience. Woman spots them.

She asked them if they wanted to earn a few quid.

Woman: "Want to earn a few quid?"...

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