This is a funny sketch version of the Feeding of the 5000 story. A group of actors/readers present this piece - it may be read with scripts or acted out.

Extract from the script:

Peter - The crowd here look hungry. We should send them to find food and lodgings in the inns around. It'll be good for local trade, make you a bit more popular Jesus, counter some of the dodgy rumours they're spreading about you.

Jesus frowns, scratches his chin, and thinks for a moment.

Jesus - I've got an idea - you feed them.

Peter - Er... I think I misheard you there... I thought you said...

Jesus - You Feed them.

Peter - Yes... that's what I thought you said. Just one tiny problem with that, Lord...

Jesus - Philip, are there any stores nearby? We could buy food for everyone. That would be good.

Jesus smiles at Peter now.

Jesus - That would help..."the local trade".

Peter - Look, Jesus, there's no way we have the money. Send them all home, they're not our responsibility anyway. Things will get out of hand, they're hungry and they'll get irritable and bad tempered and there'll be a riot. Next thing you know the Romans will call it an uprising and that'll be the end of everything.

Jesus - Yes you're right, too expensive to buy it all...

Peter - Absolutely.

Jesus - Yes. I know - you feed them.

Peter - Stop saying that! Look we'd love to, but we don't have anything...

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