Teach the six responses below to everyone before reading the story, pausing as you go to allow the audience to join in with each response. You may ask for volunteers to come out to lead everyone.

Food or Lunch – All rub stomachs and say ‘Yum!’     Munch – All say ‘Munch!’  
Bread – Tear imaginary fresh bread and smell it    Miracle – Say ‘Wow!’ with eyes wide
Fish – Open and close mouth a couple of times, like a fish        People – All cheer

Extract from the script:

Back in the days when Elisha was around, 
a man brought some food to the prophet’s town.
It wasn’t enough for everyone to munch,
but Elisha wasn’t fazed, he said, ‘Let’s do lunch!’
And what do you know? Everyone got fed,
a hundred people had plenty of bread.

Many years later, in the heat of the day,
five thousand people were fading away,
while listening to Jesus, their stomach’s went ‘Hey!
We haven’t had much to munch today!’
Jesus could see and so he said,
‘We need to feed them, got any bread?’

Philip said, ‘We can’t pay for lunch,
it would leave us broke to feed this bunch!’
Andrew said, ‘Wait a minute, look there,
‘This young lad is offering to share
his little packed lunch, we can have it if we wish.’
And Philip said, ‘What, five loaves and two fish?’...


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