These are two funny sketches about biblical characters sitting down from a prayer meeting, and not getting the answers from God they were looking for... Could work well any time you are thinking about guidance, obedience or listening to God. There is one with three female characters and one with three males - you could also mix them up if you have a mixed group of actors.

Extract from the "female" script:

Martha - Evening, Sarah.
Sarah - Evening, Martha. [They embrace.] Ah here comes Esther. [They embrace her]
Sarah - Good. We can start the meeting now - let's pray. Father, we really want to hear your voice tonight. [Telephone starts ringing.]
Esther - Yes, Lord, speak so that we have no doubts.? [Telephone continues to ring.]
Martha - And don't let us be distracted by the enemy - or the telephone!
[Telephone continues. Awkward silence. Martha sighs heavily]
Martha - Oh, I'll get it. [She picks it up and listens.] Hello?
God - Martha - this is the Lord speaking.
Martha - What! Oh, er... it's for you, Sarah. [Handing her the phone.]
Sarah - Hello?
God - Sarah, I have chosen you to be the mother of a nation.
Sarah - What! Me?
Esther - What's going on?
Sarah - [To the others, with her hand covering the phone.] It's the Lord!
Esther - What! Are you sure?
Sarah - I don't know, I'll ask him. [Back on the phone] Are you sure?...

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