This is the classic Elijah in the Cave story, but told in an active, engaging manner perfect for mixed-age groups. If you wanted to develop it further you could give some of the lines away for people to play, eg an Elijah and someone to read the voices of Jezebel and God.

Extract from the script:

Queen Jezebel was angry. (Everyone make an angry face and growl.)

She sent a message to Elijah the prophet. A message plain and simple:
"You killed my prophets and now I intend to do the same to you."
Elijah was terrified. (Everyone make a frightened face and scream.)

He ran for his life to a place called Beersheba, where he left his servant, and then carried on, alone, a day's journey into the wilderness.

By then, he was exhausted. (Everyone wipe your forehead and sigh a deep, exhausted sigh.) So he collapsed in the shade of a broom tree. "Kill me now, Lord," he prayed. "For it looks like I'm going to die, anyway, like so many prophets before me."

Then Elijah fell asleep. (Everyone make a snoring sound.) And, while he slept, an angel appeared and baked him a cake and fetched him a jug of water.

"Dinner time!" said the angel, and tapped him on the shoulder. (Everyone say Dinner Time! and tap your neighbour on the shoulder.) And Elijah woke up and ate the cake and drank the water, then fell right back to sleep again.

So the angel tapped him again. (Repeat previous action and words.) "Wake up! Eat! You'll need all your strength for the journey ahead. So Elijah woke up and ate. And set off for Horeb, the mountain of God.

That must have been one amazing angel food cake. (Everyone rub your tummy and go MMMMMMM.) Because on the energy he got from that cake, Elijah walked for forty days and forty nights!

Elijah spent the night in a cave, on the side of the mountain. (Everyone flap your wings and make a bat sound: eeee eeee!)...

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