This Easter Sunday Morning Drama is based on a piece Dave used to stage on Sunday morning when he worked at Lee Abbey.

He says: "I have tried to incorporate the unexpected and humour as I always feel that Easter Sunday should incorporate a bit of both. The main this is that the audience does not discover who Jesus is until the end of the piece. Bits of it could be cut or adapted if it's too long."

We love the inclusion of the freshly resurrected people, and think this could really be a powerful piece to stage over Easter.

Extract from the drama:

[Enter Pilate, he takes a moment to walk up and down, eyeing the audience before speaking.]

Pilate: All right you lot! Pilate here. I'm in charge, now listen up. So, you want to go and see the body? What good will that do? It's over. Why are you just prolonging the agony. Accept the truth - your leader's dead. I saw him with my own eyes. It's no good pretending. Whatever he might have told you before, he's gone now. Move on. There's nothing to see.

I've appointed soldiers at the tomb, so it's dangerous, I don't want strangers tramping all over the place. There'll be trouble. There'll be a riot. You should just go back to bed. Go on...
[He waits then sighs]

Can't you just accept what has happened? Stop fooling yourselves. Why are you here anyway? Have you thought it through? You know already what you'll find at the tomb. Will it make any difference to you? Will it affect you in any way at all? Or will it just be another Sunday?
Oh, why do I get the feeling I'm wasting my breath...

[He wanders off shaking his head. When he has gone one or two soldiers walk on and lean against a wall. He yawns and falls asleep. An angel then either walks on, or, if hidden somewhere suddenly appears and addresses the audience. The soldiers sleep through the whole thing.]

[First angel appears and speaks to the audience.]

Angel 1: What are you doing here?

[Second angel appears.]

Angel 2: He [or she] said, what are you doing here?

[Narrator walks on stage with a clipboard containing the narrative]

Narrator: Early on Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb...

Angel 1: [To the narrator] What are you doing here?

Narrator: [Indicates the audience] We've come to see the tomb.

Angel 2: There's nothing in it.

Angel 1: You won't find a body.

Angel 2: Ooh look out - she's coming! Quick hide. [They hide again]

Narrator: Early on Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb and found that the stone had been rolled away from the entrance.

[Mary hurries on, looks at imaginary or real tomb, then suddenly screams and backs away, very upset, muttering, '']

Angel 1: [Appearing again] What are you doing here?

Mary: [Startled] Me? I... I... I came to see the body, but it's gone! Someone's taken it away. Do you know where it is?

Angel 2: [Appearing again] Why are you looking in a tomb for someone who is alive? He isn't here! He has risen from the dead!

Mary: What... what?...

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