This is an idea that we used last year on the run up to Easter, inspired by a gift given to my daughter, of a (dare I say 'charm') bracelet depicting elements of the 23 Psalm. We decided to adapt this and created a bracelet that would help us reflect on significant events in the life of Jesus on the way to the cross. These elements acted as a visual aid for a teaching series (power point enclosed) culminating in an Easter service where everyone (after a shorter meeting time) made their bracelets with coffee and cake thrown in.

From our experience this was an act of worship not only appreciated by those wanting to wear a bracelet but also by others (Dads & lads) who were happy to give it away as a gift or have it hanging somewhere as a reminder.

The accompanying explanatory post card is in a print ready format should you wish (like us) to take it to a commercial printers.

We got the beads from an American web based company: To save searching the site a 'wish list' has been created on Follow the instruction in the pdf available for download.

You will need:

A reasonable amount of lead time: If you order the beads they take about 10 days to turn up; and (if you choose to go this route) enough time for the preaching/teaching team to prepare. In addition you will need to figure out the quantities required for your community.

A budget: each bracelet cost about £2.00 each to make. To help cover the cost we made folk aware and asked for a voluntary donation.

A number of volunteers to be on hand to help those who might struggle to make a bracelet on their own.

An area with tables set up where people can spend 10mins making their bracelet

TIP: We bagged up individual sets of bracelets (including elastic cord) to try and eliminate the possibility of beads getting scattered or dropped.