A new worship song, written and recorded for our Resurrection People resource. If you buy the Church Service Pack you get the video included in the price - alternatively you can pay for the video on its own here. MP3 also available for purchase.

The lead sheet and chord sheet are free to download, so you can play them with your worship band. Please report any printing or copying on your CCL licence. Similarly, you can use these videos for online worship - please report on your CCL streaming licence.

The song is based on Matthew 28:1-10, the resurrection appearance to the two Marys. Thanks to Matt Weeks for bass. Sam provided guitars, Timo did vocals and production.



Draw near the tomb, as earth begins to wake,
the shadows pierced by dawn’s first light.
Angels descend, the ground begins to shake:
“Why do you seek the crucified?”

“He is not here. He is risen from the dead!
Come see the stone is rolled away.
He is alive, he is risen like he said.
Go tell the world it’s resurrection day.”

Watch as they go, in wonder and in fear,
and hurry from the empty grave.
Tears turn to joy as Christ himself appears.
The world will never be the same.

Jesus is here. He is risen from the dead,
and worthy of eternal praise.
He is alive, he is risen like he said. 
Now every day is resurrection day.

Fall at his feet, pour out your love and praise,
and see the world through brand new eyes.
Hear Jesus say “There’s no need to be afraid.”
As resurrection people, rise.

[Both choruses to end]

Words and music © Sam Hargreaves/Resound Worship, admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd. copyrightmanager@jubilatehymns.co.uk Please remember to report any photocopies, projection or streaming on your CCL license. CCLI # 7190185.