This is a poetic retelling of the Emmaus story. It plays with the idea that they did not recognise Jesus, and applies it how we might not see Jesus 'in disguise' around us today.

Extract from the poem:

While they were walking together he drew near,
in disguise, quietly listening, unnoticed for a time.
While they were talking together he came alongside,
in disguise, available, asking what they were discussing.

'Don't you know?' they said, 'are you oblivious?'
He smiled, 'Tell me about it,' he said.
And so they did, as they walked together,
and he quietly listened, in disguise, taking it all in.

And so they talked and he listened,
nodding at news he already knew,
already understood on a much deeper level,
and when they had finished he spoke, in disguise.

And he took them back in time,
back through history and the prophets,
back through pain and trouble and longing,
back to the dawning of a plan...

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