[This resource was updated in 2024 with refreshed PowerPoints in widescreen format.]

This is an informal Lord's Supper service designed for the Fresh Expressions Rural conference 2017 (see full list of links to resources we used here). It is based on the four key words of Henri Nouwen's book The Life Of The Beloved. These words: Taken, Blessed, Broken, Given are from Luke 22:19, where it describes what Jesus did to the bread. Nouwen expands this to include the life of the Christian - we are chosen, blessed, broken and given for the world.

The service lasted about 1.20 hours, but you could cut out the songs and shorten some of the reflections to make it briefer, or part of a wider service. The PowerPoint contains all the scripture and book quotes. If you want to use the songs you will need to source the words yourself and insert them in the PowerPoint. Alternatively you could choose other songs or hymns.

We had people sitting around tables, with a plate of cut bread and a glass of grape juice already on the tables. If you are in rows you could pass the plates and cups around. You may also need to adapt this to fit your church's usual practice and theology of the Lord's Supper.

In the "Taken" section there is a seperate PowerPoint loop with verses about God choosing us. If you can't show this PowerPoint then have the verses written on your service sheet or another piece of paper for people to reflect on - or you could have them read out in a reflective manner.

Download the script and the PowerPoints from the links to the right.