This song was created as part of our The Rest Is Worship project. If you bought the Leaders' Resource eBook you can go to this page, enter your code and access the video and sheet music for free.

Alternatively you can pay for the video on its own here. The mp3 is also available for purchase. The lead sheet and chord sheet are free to download, so you can play them with your worship band. Please report any printing or copying on your CCLI licence. Similarly, you can use these videos for online worship - please report on your CCLI streaming licence.

Timo and Sam wrote this in response to Jesus' words in Matthew 11:28-30. It also touches on the story of the calming of the storm and Mary sitting at Jesus' feet.

The recording was made by Timo and he sang the lead vocal, Sam contributed some guitar and the keyboard was played by Hansi Scharnowski.

Come all you heavy laden.
Come all you broken down.
Come all you burned and fragile,
find rest for your souls.

Come all you stressed and anxious.
Come all who clench their fists.
Come all whose minds are reeling,
find rest for your souls.

Peace, be still, my soul.
Hear the words of Jesus.
Come and sit at his feet,
come, it’s all that you need.
Surrender all, be still my soul.

Jesus, your yoke is easy,
Jesus your burden’s light.
You walk along beside me
in rhythms of grace.

Help me lay down my burdens,
help me unclench my fists.
Breathing a little deeper,
in rhythms of grace.

© Timo Scharnowski, Sam Hargreaves, admin by
CCLI # 7212312.