This is creative discussion aid to help the understanding of Col. 3:12-14 for all ages and abilities.

[This could be used at any time of year, but if you are following the Lectionary it sits on the Sunday after Christmas. You could begin the discussion with any new clothes people received as Christmas gifts, or look forward towards a new year and how we want to be 'clothed' in this new season?]

Give each person an already cut out paper doll, or if you are short of time ask the participants to cut out their own doll. It would be less distracting if the group did not see the clothes yet.

Ask the group members to draw a face on their paper doll - it could be a self-portrait, but it does not have to be.

When everyone has finished their faces, ask someone to read the verses out loud.

Explain that this is Paul writing, describing how we should be towards each others as Christians. Draw attention to the phrase 'Forgive as the Lord forgave you', and explain that all the good Christian characteristics in these verses can be seen clearest in Jesus, and that he is our role-model.

Next allow everyone to decide which underpants, vest, trousers, top, hat and scarf they would like to dress their person in. Encourage the participants to colour in and cut out their chosen garments.

Next, hand out glue sticks and explain that you will dress your dolls, one garment at a time, together.

Pick up one garment at a time (it is advisable to start with underwear and work outwards - unless you are going for a superhero look!). Ask someone to read each word, and see if you can work out what the words mean together. For each word, answer the following questions:
- What does this word mean?
- When can we see Jesus acting like this in the Bible?
- What would this look like in my life?

Put on the scarves last, and remind yourselves on the last line of the passage 'over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in unity.' Explain that all these virtues need to be acted out in love (see 1 Cor. 13), or they will not have any value.

Finally, take turns sharing which of these characteristics are hardest, and pray for each other, that God will grow these virtues in us.