Bob has written this Christmas sketch based on a blog by Ian Paul. It busts some of the myths about how and where Jesus was born, in a fun way and also pointing towards some deeper truths about what it would mean for Jesus to be 'one of us'. It could work well on Christmas Day, or at a service a few days before.

Excerpt from the script:

Reader 1 And so it came to pass that Augustus

Reader 2 the Emperor of Rome, who ruled over the land where Joseph and Mary lived

Reader 1 decreed that there would be a census

Reader 2 so that he could count everyone he ruled over.

Reader 1 This was the first census, and it took place when Quirinius was the governor of Syria. The deal was that everyone had to go to the town from which they had come, to be counted. And even though Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth, way up north, Joseph's family came from Bethlehem, way down South.

Reader 2 Like 90 miles away. Or 150 kilometres. A long way, anyway. Which is why they needed a donkey.

Reader 1 Actually, to be fair, and in spite of what you see in most nativity plays, there is no mention of a donkey. It just says that Mary went with Joseph, and that he was engaged to her, and that she was pregnant...

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