Sam wrote this for a carol singing event in a local pub. It could equally work in a church setting, in fact if you removed or changed the first verse it could fit at any time of year!

Ideally I would suggest you lead this "live" with simple, folky instruments - see the lead sheet and chord sheet. If you're really stuck for musicians, feel free to use the video or MP3 and sing along to that (streaming and in person use both fine).

Feel free to adapt the words to your context. For example, you might prefer "lift up your hearts" in the second line for a church service. And those outside the UK might want to replace British-isms such as "skint" (broke = out of money). See a German version below!

We've made Christmas cards featuring the text and a link to the video.

It was helpfully honed by the lovely folks at the Resound Worship 12 Song Challenge - thanks everyone for the input and encouragement!


And here's a version in German:


Christmas is coming, the day is soon here,
lift up your glass to wish goodness and cheer.
Think of the ones who are struggling, and say:
we pray God be with you today.

Whether with family or maybe alone,
out with a friend or you’re tucked up at home,
walking the streets or you’re working away,
we pray God be with you today.

We pray good news will meet you, 
joy will surround you,
hope will light up your way.
And we ask God to bless you,
send his grace for you,
we pray God be with you today.

Whether you're loaded or maybe you’re skint,
under the weather or filled to the brim,
doubtful, or thankful, or losing your way,
we pray God be with you today.

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