This is a fun re-telling of the Wise Men story, through the lens of a rappig camel called Conan.

This sketch involves one narrator and a group who illustrate the sketch with the instructions in italics. The group are quite rebellious, rather like teenagers, and the narrator often resembles a teacher struggling to keep control.

Extract from the script:

Once there was a camel,
[All say: "Brrr!" and do camel impressions]

who was into rapping.
[Group put on sunglasses and rap: "Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Do the camel rap! Do the camel rap! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Do the camel rap! Brrr!"]

Although he wasn't that good at it.
[Group look fed up about this. "Ohhhhh!"]

His name was Conan.
["CO - NAN - CO - NAN!" They chant this.]

Conan the camel.
["CO - NAN - THE - CAM - EL!"]

Yes, yes, alright. (To the group) Now Conan was...
["CO - NAN - CO - NAN!"]

[Narrator sighs] Now Conan...
["CO - NA ..." They stop as the narrator gives them a withering look.]

Now Conan was way ahead of his time - because in those days there was no rapping.
["Hey! Hey!... Hey? No rapping?"]...

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