This is a fun sketch version of the Blind Bartimaeus story. It expands on the bickering between Philip and Bartimaeus, and ends with a focus on praising God. 

Extract from the script:

Narrator:     Jesus and his followers continued on their journey again. As they drew near to Jericho they spotted a blind man who was sitting beside the road begging. As he heard Jesus draw near the man leapt to his feet and called out.

Bartimaeus:    Son of David, is that you?

Philip:    Be quiet.

Bartimaeus:    Who said that? Is that you son of David?

Philip:    No it isn’t, now be quiet, we’re in a hurry.

Bartimaeus:    But I want to see Jesus!

Philip:    We haven’t got time, he’s already healed three lepers and a deaf mute today. We have to keep going.

Bartimaeus:    Son of David! Stop!

Philip:    Be quiet!

Bartimaeus:    Jesus – please, show me some mercy! I know you can! Help me! Is that you now?

Philip:    No it’s me again. Philip.

Bartimaeus:    Oh not you! Go away.

Philip:    We will if you just give us the chance. Stop trying to distract Jesus. He’s had a busy day.

Bartimaeus:    But it won’t take long – I’ve heard how quickly he heals people. 

Philip:    The last thing he wants to do now is heal a noisy beggar like you.

Bartimaeus:    He has to heal me.

Philip:    No he does not!

Bartimaeus:    He does. It’s what the prophet said – he came to give sight to the blind.

Philip:    Yes – and peace to the world. Which we won’t get if you keep on nagging like this.

Bartimaeus:    I want to be healed! Jesus! Listen to me. Show me some mercy!

Jesus:    Bring the blind man to me...

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