This is a re-telling of Jesus words in Luke 12:32-40. He is encouraging his disciples to be prepared for his return, to live in such a way that we are not encumbered by earthly concerns but ready for the fullness of his Kingdom.

Extract from the paraphrase:

Don't be afraid, little sheep. Make your Father happy, receive all that his kingdom has in store for you.

Sell your stuff, and give what money you make to the poor. In so doing, you will fashion an everlasting handbag, a wallet that will never wear out. Your treasure will be held in heaven, where no moth can munch and no robber can reach. For wherever your treasure lies, your heart will always follow.

Be ready for action, too. Your running shoes ready, your lamps lit. Be like those servants who are poised to throw open the door the moment their master returns from the wedding feast. For when they do, their master will be so pleased with them that he will put on his apron and serve them a slap up meal!

The middle of the night. The crack of dawn. If his servants are prepared for him, they will receive his blessing...

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