This poem engages people with the Baptism of Jesus. It uses Bob's device of the reader repeating each line three times. Try and find the natural rhythm of the sentence, so it comes across like beat-poetry, and vary the emphasis in each repetition. In every second line there is an action - ask the congregation to join with you after they see it the first time.

Excerpt of script:

In the wilderness, John preached, and everybody wondered (x3)
Was he the Christ, come to show us all God's love? (put hand on heart, or make heart shape with hands) (x3)

I'm not him, John explained, he's mightier than me (x3)
Do up his sandals? It's a job that I'm not worthy of (shake head) (x3)

I baptise with water. But he will use God's Holy Spirit. (x3)
And drench you with that fire from above. (point up, or hold out hands and look up, like in the shower) (x3)

His fork is in his hand, to gather wheat into his barn (x3)
And push the chaff into the furnace with a shove. (make shovelling motion) (x3)

Then Jesus came along and John cried, "Look, he's here! (x3)
God's chosen, the one I've spoken of!" (point to mouth with finger) (x3)...

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