This idea originally involved cutting out the worship phrases from the downloadable PDF, putting the phrases into balloons which you then pop in celebration during worship and read the phrases out loud.

15 years later, with at least a bit of wisdom acrued, I wouldn't run this idea in this way; the noise, the potential latex allergies and the wastefulness, being some of the reasons. It might still work with a raucus youth group that wants to make a lot of noise.

However, in an all age setting, I really like Naomi's idea below of writing the phrases on (latex free) balloons, or to make it more repeatable, on beach balls. You could then either just bop them around and read the phrase you catch, or you could play a worshipful game of musical statues, where you have to read the phrases all together when the music stops.

Another thing I didn't fully grasp 15 years ago is that not everyone can read! So, never put a spotlight on someone to read something out loud unless they have volunteered to do so. In an all age setting, together with the worship phrases, you could draw a simple stickperson doing some kind of physical action that fits the phrase (lifting hands, dancing, jumping etc.) and there could be an option to copy that rather than read.

There is definitely a value in having pre-written worship phrases to use for those who worry about improvising their own phrases - thanks Joe for pointing this out below - which is why I've left this idea up! Feel free to use as you wish.