This simple interactive Advent candle liturgy involves the whole congregation and uses the whole church. It offers a fresh take on the traditional lighting of the Advent crown on the four Sundays leading up to Christmas.

Beforehand set up an "Advent candle" station in each of the four corners of the church - one for each Sunday of Advent. Use large candles decorated with holly and ivy etc. Have small pieces of paper or card which people can write prayers on (this is optional if you feel appropriate for your context - feel free to adapt as suitable).

Make four labels out of card, one saying HOPE, one saying PEACE, one saying LOVE and the other saying JOY. Place one by each of the candles.

On the final piece of card write LIGHT OF THE WORLD - this is for the candle to be lit on Christmas Day at the front of the church.

Sign in to download PDF of the liturgy and a PowerPoint which displays the Bible text and prayers.