This lighthearted sketch unpacks the value of God's law for us. It also touches on themes of repentance and forgiveness. You need to somehow show when actor A is reading from the Psalm - this could be by him/her holding up a Bible, or by putting each section of the Psalm up on a screen at the right moment.

Excerpt from the script:

A - Reads Psalm 19:1-4a

B - That's cool. We look up in the heavens. We look at nature. We see the beauty and the truth of God revealed. Nice.

A - Reads Psalm 19:4b-6

B - The sun, running across the sky. Nice picture. I like your style, man.

A - Reads Psalm 19:7a

B - Sorry, man. I was right there with you when you were talking all that God in nature stuff. But law? Really? What are you on about?

A - The law is where God shows us how to be beautiful, too, by making clear to us what will destroy us and what will give us life.

B - Well, you lost me there. I'm an autonomous individual, man. I chart my own course. Make my own way. I don't need some two thousand year old book to tell me how to live. My life's pretty perfect all on my own.

C - (walks on)

A - Who are you?

C - I'm his wife. (Points to B) And I wouldn't say "perfect" is exactly a perfect description. You do remember when... (Whispers in B's ear).

B - Oh yeah. Not exactly perfect, then...

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