We have the rare opportunity to host a 3 hour Kintsugi Experience with Academy Kintsugi and the Resound Worship 12 Song Challenge. The session will be led by certified instructor Jon White, an artist from Cornwall (see his website).

Makoto Fujimura and his wife Haejin (co-founders of Academy Kintsugi) do not usually attend these Kintsugi Experience sessions, but on this occasion because they are in the UK they are generously going to join us and fellowship with us. This is a unique opportunity!

A Kintsugi Experience is:

  • A 3-hour long session about the craft and the meaning behind Kintsugi.
  • Max 12 people to cultivate a communal atmosphere.
  • It will be £105 per participant (it includes a kit, designed for multiple Kintsugi makings so the attendees can continue their Kintsugi journey).
  • It's a great time of beholding fractures, mending, and making new. We will be able to deeply understand the meaning of Kintsugi through this embodied somatic experience.

The venue will be Azalea Luton. This is a short walk from Luton train station, and an even shorter walk from parking at the Mall car park. It is a place of healing and restoration just opposite the Town Hall. We will be up two flights of stairs and there is no lift, so we are afraid that those with mobility issues may not find this venue accessible.

Booking will close on Monday 7th November or sooner should all the spaces sell out.