We're working with Geraldine and Carey Luce on this worship training weekend in Devon. The Brunel Manor website says: 

"Residential Guests: Arrive 4pm on Friday & leave after lunch on Sunday.

Day Visitors: Joins us on Friday evening, all through Saturday and Sunday morning. Cost includes lunch & dinner on Saturday. Friday dinner and Sunday lunch may be booked seperately if required.

The purpose of this full weekend is to help you lead and grow as worship leaders in any church setting.  It is a great privilege to host Carey & Geraldine, Sam & Sara so make sure you book in your worship team and experience and learn directly from those who have great insight, skill, competence, and knowledge. 

Undoubtedly, this full weekend will enable and equip, excite and exhilarate you and your team into a renewed worship as a blessing for the whole Church.

We expect this to be very popular and so residential numbers are limited to eighty and Day visitors to forty."