From 23rd March - 1st June 2020 we posted a daily prayer and worship activity. The appeared on this page, and also on our social media accounts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (use the hashtag #EngageAtHome). You can see them below and use them as you like.

They include a simple prayer or worship activity which families can engage with together, using movement, interaction, craft, play and more. We varied the themes and types of engagement with God, and  you’ll be able to adapt the ideas to suit your family.

The aim was to resource families during the Covid 19 pandemic, and strengthen family worship and prayer for that season. We believe that in the midst of isolation and struggle God is at work in and through his people. The ideas were released daily with dates on them, but feel free to use them whenever suits.

30th May: Jesus: Prince of Peace

29th May: Jesus: Bread of Life

Related Info: Song "Living Bread"

28th May: Jesus: King of Kings

27th May: Jesus: Cornerstone

26th May: Face To Face With Jesus

25th May: Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

Related Idea: Jesus is Lord shout

24th May: Psalms: Being Church

23rd May: Psalms: The Heavens Declare God's Glory

22nd May: Psalms: Miracle Memorials

21st May: Ascension Day

20th May: Psalms: Tears

19th May: Psalms: Everything That Has Breath

18th May: Psalms: His Love Never Quits

17th May: Join Us In The Mess

16th May: Flabbergasted

15th May: He's My Saviour

14th May: Words Are Not Enough

13th May: He Is Here

12th May: Rhythm Inside

Related Info: Song "Rhythm Inside"

11th May: Here is Love

10th May: Love One Another

9th May: Build a Den

6th May: Paper Aeroplane Prayers

5th May: Praying Emotions with a Ball

4th May: Bricks - Place Your Lamp on a Stand

Related Info: Song "Send Us Out"

3rd May: Walking With Jesus

2nd May: Cloud Spotting

Related Info: Cloud Spotting Guide

1st May: Water

30th April: Wait for the Lord

29th April: Desert

28th April: Look at the Wild Flowers

27th April: Weeds

26th April: Encourage One Another

25th April: Rainbow of Hope

24th April: PRAY!

Related Idea: PRAY Symbols

23rd April: PRAY: Yes

Related Idea: PRAY Symbols

22nd April: PRAY: Ask

Related Idea: PRAY Symbols

21st April: PRAY: Rejoice

Related Idea: PRAY Symbols

20th April: PRAY: Pause

Related Idea: PRAY Symbols

19th April: Psalm 139 - Search me, God!

18th April: Psalm 139 - Body Prayers

17th April: Psalm 139 - Lectio Divina

16th April: My Soul Is Content

15th April: Whatever Is Lovely

14th April: Courage Through The Storm

13th April: Everything and Everyone Made New

12th April: Easter Day Pass The Parcel

11th April: Easter Saturday

Related Info: Song "The Stone":

10th April: Good Friday Poems

9th April: Footwashing

8th April: Broken World Collage

7th April: Easter Bracelets

Related Idea: Easter Bracelet

6th April: Rend Your Hearts

5th April: Palm Sunday!

Related Idea: Praise the Lord

4th April: Worshipful Celebration Bunting

3rd April: Armour of God

2nd April: Psalm 148 Active Version

1st April: Thankfulness

31st March: Wild Collage

30th March: The Jesus Prayer

29th March: Breaking Bread

28th March: We Are One Body

27th March: Play-dough Prayer

26th March: Prayer Leaves

25th March: Clothed in Christ

24th March: Jesus You Know What It's Like

Related Idea: Jesus you know

23rd March: Hand Prayers

Related Idea: Hand Prayers