Evergreen is: a community of young leaders (18-35 years old)

pursuing a fruitful worship ministry (employed or volunteer)

that is not cut short by a withering emotional or spiritual health.

In a time where more and more churches lean heavily on a dynamic and impactful worship ministry, the weight of expectation on a worship leader has never been greater. Worship leaders are often expected to mediate an experience of God's felt presence and to invigorate the faith of the church.

While the perceived importance of this role seems to grow, the shoulders upon which it rests tend to be fragile. The role of a worship leader often attracts young musicians that are still growing in character, maturity and resilience. Without support, there is a risk of being overwhelmed, job dissatisfaction, declining mental health and even burnout.

Evergreen exists to help young worship leaders establish strong foundations that may support a healthy and sustainable ministry. 

We have calculated that operating Evergreen in 2024 will cost £14,530:

  • 3 retreat days for 20-50 people = £3,120
  • 1 weekend residential for 25 people = £6,520
  • Mentoring for 15 people on Evergreen+ = £420
  • Facilitating and moderating an online forum = £2,640
  • Publicity (e.g. website, promotion) = £1,830

The young leaders we want to serve cannot afford to bear the full cost of this service by themselves. It will require subsidies from people who believe in their potential. We believe we can reasonably charge for our services to the total of £6,950. This means we need to raise £7,580 to run this ministry in 2024.

Could you help make this possible?


For more information download our appeal brochure here.



More info about Evergreen can be found at evergreenworship.org.


Music and Worship Foundation CIO is registered charity no. 1175280. You can give any amount via this page - for other ways to give see details on the appeal flyer. Funds received by Music and Worship Foundation from this appeal will be prioritised for the ministry of Evergreen. Should it become impossible to allocate all money given to Evergreen, the Trustees reserve the right to apply the donations towards the general ministry of Engage Worship.