This crowdfunding campaign is now over, but you can still give via our Donate page, or support Evergreen here. Thank you to everyone who has given already!

Engage Worship is a bit different. We aren’t a huge organisation, we aren’t tied to any denomination or company, and that means we have the freedom to create resources and training based around two simple principles:

In 2023 this has led us to:

  • Respond to worship leaders and pastor’s concerns about overworked teams and burnout with our The Rest Is Worship book, resources, retreats and podcasts.
  • Listen to the needs of 18-35 year olds and provide a unique formation programme in Evergreen.
  • Hear continued calls for help with All Age worship by providing training at Spring Harvest, St Mellitus College and the Dioceses of St Edmondsbury & Ipswich, St Albans and Nottingham.

  • Acknowledge problems with worship employment in our popular article series and free Worship Jobs page.
  • Recognise the need to continue providing free, high quality downloadable worship ideas (at time of writing, 840 ideas downloaded in the past 7 days).
  • Reach out into primary schools through our new Outdoor Worship For Schools book.

We hope that these and other Creative, Sustainable and World-Changing resources make a difference to you and your church. If so, will you help us finance our coming year?


What you will be supporting:

New All-Age Worship Church Service Pack

This will follow the format of our other popular Church Service Packs, with 8 sessions of adaptable intergenerational worship. It won’t be for a particular season of the year, but some of the themes will fill gaps in our current spread of resources (for example sessions you could use at Pentecost, Good Friday and Valentine's Day).

We’re also excited about an EP of 7 new all age worship songs which will accompany the resource. You can preorder the book and ebook (expect them to arrive around the end of February 2024).

Major Website Developments

Thousands of churches worldwide use our website to access free worship ideas, podcasts, articles, AREA 52 resources, videos, our Worship Jobs page and more. We’ve not done a major overhaul of the site since 2016, so we think it’s time for a thorough upgrade.

Over the next year we’ll be making things more accessible, improving navigation and generally creating a better user experience! Because our website is free (and we don’t annoy you with sponsors) we need to crowdfund to pay for this essential work.

Help develop an young worship leader through Evergreen

This year we’ve seen 15 young worship leaders grow and develop through our Evergreen+ programme, and applications are open for 2024. We’ve had great feedback including:

We need to subsidise every person who joins our programme, and your gift can really make a difference to someone beginning their ministry!

​​Details on Giving

You can make a one-off or monthly gift, or pre-order a resource via the boxes to the right. This uses PayPal's secure giving platform, but you do not need a PayPal account to give (scroll down past the login to "Pay by Debit or Credit Card", enter your details and then choose "No, I don't want an account now").

Alternatively, you can download and fill in this form to set up a Standing Order from your bank (this helps us further because we incur no handling fees).

If you'd like to give through any other means please (BACS, CAF bank etc) email us with any questions.

If you are a UK taxpayer who has paid enough tax you can also fill in a Gift Aid form, meaning we can claim back a further 25%.

Engage Worship is a ministry of Music and Worship Foundation CIO, a registered charity in England and Wales (number 1175280). We are overseen by a board of trustees. All the money we receive from your gift goes to resourcing this ministry.

If you pre-order our resources they will be sent to you as soon as they are available, we hope by the end of February 2024. We cannot claim Gift-Aid on money from pre-ordered resources, but if you give a gift on top of that we can Gift-Aid this if you are a UK taxpayer and give your consent.