Looking for training, input and inspiration in creative, innovative worship for your youth band, worship group, leadership team or church network? We would love to share our gifts, experience and passion with you.

If you're looking for a fresh experience for your whole church or a network, then check out our Count Me In format.

A normal training day usually costs £200 plus travel (for one person - Sam and Sara charge £350 for the two). You may wish to consider opening your day up to other churches or youth groups local to you, to share the experience and cost.

Possible topics for training and teaching include:

  • What is worship and worship leading? (Bible teaching and discussion).
  • Engaging a wider variety of people in worship.
  • Whole Life Worship.
  • How would Jesus lead worship?
  • Band and vocal workshops.
  • Creative worship workshops...
  • Other things which may suit your context.

Sam and Sara are also able to lead worship at events or services, perhaps extending a day into the evening, preaching at a Sunday morning service, or running a whole weekend. Get in touch with your particular needs and we can discuss a format that will suit you.

One person who booked us to lead a weekend for teens and adults fed back:

"Sara and Sam brought many gifts to our weekend; they enabled people’s creativity to flourish and created an atmosphere that felt like family. They are uniquely gifted in being able to respond to and engage with people from different backgrounds and with different preferences.  Both teenagers and parents on our retreat weekend were enabled to encounter God in fresh ways and we all went home with hearts full." Karen Turner.















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