HANDOUT FOR SEMINAR (Thursday 2.30pm Lakeside) 

We had a great time at Spring Harvest Skegness 2023, leading the All Age venue each night. Below we've post links and details of the things we've been using:

Night 1

We opened with our new "Everybody's Welcome" prayer - you can get the PowerPoint and text for this here.

That led in to our version of We The Kingdom's "God So Loved".

We also sang Geraldine Latty's "You're King".

We sang a new theme song by Sam, called "Upside Down". We are excited to now have a recording of this, and actions and lyric videos! Please do use these in your services.

Our theme phrase (with actions) for Night 1 was:
World says: Be your own king (make crown with fingers)
Jesus says: I am the King (point up)

We sang Rend Collective's "King of Me".

Bob Hartman read his version of Matthew 2:1-6, and Timo spoke about letting Jesus be the King of our lives. We responded with paper crowns, first putting them on, then taking them off and turning them into worship streamers.

We sang "King of My Heart" and the chorus to "All Hail King Jesus", waving the streamers. Then we closed with Nick and Becky Drake's "City on a Hill".

Night 2

We opened with the same prayer and song as Night 1, then we led Glory To God with voices and percussion. 

Our theme phrase (with actions) was:
World says: Chase popularity (strike a cool pose)
Jesus says: Welcome everybody (arms out to welcome)

We sang "Upside Down" again, and then learned "welcome" in as many languages as we could. We then sang "Let Us Greet One Another" and walked around greeting as many people as we could.

Bob Hartman told his Fantastic Feast story alongside the great illustrations.

Then Sara spoke about welcoming everyone, and we used the torn crowns from night 1 to make a collaborative collage.

We sang "Big Family of God" and "He's Got The Whole World", and finished with "King of Me".

Night 3

We opened with the same prayer and song as Night 1, then we led "Big Family of God"

Our theme phrase (with actions) was:
World says: Keep all you can [fists crossing heart]
Jesus says: Give all you have [open hands in front of you]

We sang "Upside Down" again, and led that into the chorus of "King of Kings".

We spoke about the gifts God has freely given us, that he calls us to give on to others, and we responded with "God You've Given"

We finished with "King of Me".

Night 4

We opened with the same prayer and song as Night 1, then we led "Big Family of God" with giant beach balls being bounced around the venue!

Bob Hartman led his Chicken Song - here's a video of us doing us this song the previous year:

Our theme phrase (with actions) was:
World says: Worry about tomorrow [hold fists on head]
Jesus says: Trust God today [prayer hands]. 

James spoke about God's Kingdom coming through our actions. We then were taught the Lord's Prayer in sign language by BSL interpreter Jan. This led into Matt Maher's song version of The Lord's Prayer, which we segued into the chorus from Sam's God Our Father.

We finished with "Upside Down" and "King of Me".

Thank you to our wonderful team of James, Ella, Timo, Gemma, Bob, dancers Becks and Louise, all the tech team and stewards, and everyone who came and joined in!