We had such a great time at Spring Harvest in the Easter week! In the mornings Sam led the Create Zone, then in the afternoons we taught the Worship Zone (you can buy those talks here). But the most fun was in the evening Presence alternative celebrations. We got to hang out with great folks from Bless, who brought loads of creative ideas, musical skills and lots of laughs (see their vid below). We also had Sunil and George there with us playing all kinds of acoustic and electronic instruments, which gave the worship a really experimental feel.

Lots of folks were asking for links to the resources we used, so here is a list of stuff we could find links to:





There you go - if there is something missing (including stuff from the Create and Worship Zones) please ask below.

Here's a vid of the Prayerhouse, set up by Bless, and with George and Sunil from our band playing some ambient goodness in the background!