26-27th April 2024 Sara and Sam led worship and taught at the annual Faith In Business retreat in Cambridge. It was a joy to join sisters and brothers from the worlds of business, finance and charity work, and to explore themes from our book The Rest Is Worship.

A number of people asked for links to resources we used. Our Leaders' Resource eBook contains a complete set of songs, hymns, prayers and contemplative activities which can help churches and small groups enter into rest in worship. It even has a six week series you can run in your church on the theme of The Rest Is Worship.

If you want a few ideas to get you started, here are some of the songs and prayers we used over the weekend in Cambridge (you can also hear our The Rest Is Worship EP on Spotify):

"Come to Me" prayer: we began our time together with this prayer.

Lord May Our Resting - Sam's hymn to the tune of Be Thou My Vision.

In The Presence Of The Holy - simple song encouraging us to let our words be few before God.

Lead Me To A Place Of Rest - we used the video for this as a moment to be in God's presence.

Come Away From Rush And Hurry: We used these lyrics by Marva Dawn to the tune of Here Is Love Vast As the Ocean (the linked version uses Nettleton).

God So Loved (Come All You Weary) - an upbeat, joyful song by We The Kingdom, reflecting the Matt 11:28-29 passage. See our cover version here:

Lord Of The Sabbath: We used this amazing hymn by Keiko Ying on Saturday morning.

We're Restless: In the Communion service we responded with this song by Rachel Wilhelm, which you can find on the recent Resound Worship Downcast Souls/Expectant Hearts album.

Martha: Sam played a clip from this great song by Hannah Hodges during his Communion sermon.

Restful Blessing: We closed our time together with this prayer.