[This article was originally written for 2020, and was updated last in May 2023.] 

Here are various ideas for Pentecost and Ascension from our site and Resound Worship, which you can use in digital, physical and hybrid services.


Falling on Thursday 18th May in 2023, Ascension Day can often go un-celebrated (some will mark it on the Sunday 21st). But we love this moment to remember that the risen Jesus, human-and-God, is now sitting at the right hand of the Father.

There is a script and a recording of a fun re-telling of the Ascension story from the perspective of a confused disciple. You could make use of this in the home or have someone act it out on a Zoom or Facebook live.

Bob Hartman has two poems here which span the time between Easter and Ascension, so are a good way to engage with the wider story we find ourselves in.

When it comes to songs, Judy Gresham's High in the Heavens is a great way to remind ourselves of both Jesus' coming as a human and his exaltation. Below is a live video, but you can also get a lyric video from resoundworship.org


Gemma has created a print-out activity sheet to help children and families learn a bit more about what happened at Pentecost and what it means for us today.

Richard Lyall has created two Acts 2 visual reading videos. These would be ideal in Pentecost services you stream online. Richard has previously also made a PowerPoint visual reading of Acts 2 which you could read-along with.

He has also made a Pentecost Prayer video based on the hymn "O Breath of Life", which would also work really well edited into online services.


For an all-age service where you want the viewers to interact with you, try Bob Hartmans' Peter's Sermon.

For written prayers, there is an "Expression of Faith" (like a creed) based on Acts 2:22-39 which you can read over the PowerPoint. There is also a "Holy Spirit Sending Prayer" for the end of your service.

Sam and Bob's Pentecost song "Blowing Wind and Tongues of Flame" from the Rhyming Bible album is a fun way to communicate the story with children. (Note we don't own the copyright for this one, so although you can share the video via a link you would need to contact Song Solutions directly to edit the video into your own).

Other songs which would work well for Pentecost services include Geraldine and Carey Luce's Spirit of God, Jo Doré's Holy Spirit Inspire Again and Sam's Jesus Lead Us to the Father.


Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come is a prayer season between Ascension and Pentecost. We have produced a number of resources to help children and familes engage with this, all of which are ideal in lockdown.

Our Family Prayer Adventure Journal is a beautifully illustrated journey through the themes of TKC. It features Bible stories, activities and prayer ideas to help you pray at home. As well as bulk discounts on the physical books, we're also offering PDF versions for the first time. You can buy a licence to legally share these via email with large groups such as school classes, toddler groups or your Sunday School.

Alongside the journal we also produced an 11-session Podcast. This has songs, games, interactive Bible stories and an engaging prayer moment. It is free to download from all your favourite podcast apps, or stream from this page.

If you want to engage in song with the themes of Thy Kingdom Come, check out the new LICC recording of We Seek Your Kingdom. Sam's song based on the Lord's Prayer "God Our Father" also works well with these themes. (Here's our Living Room version which you can also download an and use):