Between 6-8th July 2021 we led worship at the London School of Theology Summer School, where the theme was Eco Theology. To this end we prepared the songs and prayers around God's creation, our misuse of it, and the biblical hope of restoration. Below are a set of links to the resources we used.

Day 1

Each day began with the opening prayers featured in the Resound Worship Doxecology: Study Guide. This book ends with three service plans, and on Day 1 we made use of the opening prayer based on Psalm 19 and the downloadable PowerPoint which comes along with the book.

Our opening hymn was All Creatures Of Our God And King (download our version to use in services), using the Jubilate words

This was followed by two songs from Doxecology: Nature Shines With Beauty and God The Maker Of The Heavens (follow those links for the orignal recordings and sheet music on Resound Worship). Our versions are also available to download and use in services (whether physical or online) from these links: Nature Shines and God the Maker.

Day 2

We planned a more reverent and lamenting tone for day 2. After a Psalm 24 opening prayer from Doxecology, Timo led a version of the Fred Pratt Green hymn God In Such Love For Us. We sang this to the tune of Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Due to copyright we can't offer this as a download for your services, but you can listen to our version here.

We intentionally left out verse 4 of the hymn in order to transition into lament, using Keiko Ying's Hear The Song Of Our Lament (also from the Doxecology album). You can download and use our version from here.

Timo led a confession prayer which you can download for free here. It also forms part of our Harvest Worship resource.

To lift us into a place of commitment Gemma led Hillsong's So Will I. Again, we can't make our version downloadable, but you can hear it here.

Day 3

The Doxecology opening prayer came from Isaiah 35. This was followed by a joyful song of hope from the band We The Kingdom, called God So Loved. This is another song we can't offer a download for, but do listen to our version here.

This was followed by a Doxecology song, At Your Bidding. We skipped verse 2 due to time constraints. Download our version to use in services here.

Sara led an intercession prayer from the Doxecology: Study GuideThen we closed the session with another celebratory song, We See The Fruitful Harvest from Harvest Worship. Download our live version to use here.